Our group currently focuses on a sub-category of quantum materials, called topological materials. Just like human head, where hair whorl exists due to topology, topological materials bring in vast fascinating, sometimes challenging to understand, fundamental properties, with promising energy and information applications. To embrace the challenge of topological materials, we synthesize them, characterize them, and try to better understand them:


As a synthesis group, we grow high-quality, single crystalline and nanostructured crystals of topological materials; as a characterization group, we carry out high-precision thermal transport (and its close kins) in the quantum realm, and further apply state-of-the-art spectroscopic probes to study their fundamental excitations at a spatial-temporal scale hard to reach otherwise; as a theory group, we offer microscopic and artificial intelligence based understanding to our measured data, moreover propose new ways to carry out measurements. Deeply immersed in a synergistic research environment, we work in a highly collaborative way with friends inside group, on campus, and worldwide.